“Hello there, Hope you are well.

I’m Cat and I like writing and doing stuff. I’m forever searching for things to do and for new experiences. My Nanny Hazel has always said, keep busy. She is 92 years old next year and is still busy.

We visit lots of different places and are slowly getting to know our new county, Norfolk. It is beautiful. We have been here now 5 years and I think we still count as new. My parents have been in Norfolk 20 years and still are finding new places.

I like taking photographs and I do take a lot of photos. Mainly of my children doing something ridiculous or enjoying themselves. I take photos as I’m worried that I may well forget what we have done or where we have been. I take photos of my children before I goto work, so I am constantly reminded of their ever-changingness and how lucky I am to be with them and to be their Mama. I’m lucky to have them, as it was such a struggle to actually have them. I’m a type 1 diabetic so I had to sort out my glucose levels and be on a strict regime to carry T to 38 wks, 3 miscarriages later and another limited carb routine, we finally managed to conceive G and the wee girlie was so eager to see the world, she was a month and a bit early at 35 wks plus 5 days. She was in NICU and really is a special, vibrant person.

I also want to be a little bit more myself. I’ve become T and G’s mummy and so this is my personal blog and anything could appear. We review places we go to, we craft, we try out foods and music, we are happiest running and walking thru nature reserves and looking for fungi and bugs. I am a fashion tutor now and previously a fashion buyer working on children’s and teen fashion; specifically footwear, accessories and everything and anything extra; glowsticks feature heavily.”

I took 37 photos and then gave up and picked the 2nd one I took.

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