Out-Pleasure Beach, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

I’ve not been to Yarmouth or Yarco for 25 years, at least. Not much has changed thou. I love the Gold Rush signs and the seafront. Today, we headed for the Pleasure Beach. I don’t think I ever visited it as a kid or I may have walked jealousy past with my parents. Today, we bought wristbands and went on everything in the height category of T.


link to Pleasure Beach website

Had a great time. Visit. You should.

It was joyful to see T enjoying himself. You will feel joyful on a rollercoaster or carousel horse called Megan.

Best rides- according to T this was the snails and fairy tale ride (I strongly disagree), for me it will always be the dodgems.

Worst moment- squeezing myself and T in the loo while he shouted “you are infringing on my right to wee!” Where does he get these sayings from?

Best moment/worst moment- T trying candy floss again and liking it and then doing his mad break dancing.

Would we go again- YEP, right now!

Top tip- buy your wristband online to get a 20% saving plus get a toddler and adult wristband for just over £20 when booked online; wish I knew this before forking out on the day.

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