In-Loving the Little Bird 5 year celebrations.

Little bird, the clothing brand has just turned 5. T is 5 in September and I like to horde things. My husband calls this trait, being a stashaholic. He makes it sound prettier than it is.

When I get anxious, I start putting items in boxes; could be anything; as a child it was erasers that were scented and rainbow striped, then it was badges. I loved my badge collection so much. My favourite was a Care Bear one. I wouldn’t wear it in case I lost it. I kept it safely in a biscuit tin, under my bed.

When I was pregnant with T, I was petrified that I was going to lose him. I was so highly monitored during T’s pregnancy, heart scans, growth scans every week. I am a type 1 diabetic so my carbs were weighed out by my husband for me like an Olympic swimmer; I threw up everything I ate anyway so it didn’t matter! I threw up till the day I had him.
I didn’t sleep. I kept getting up and walking up and down our terrace house stairs washing and drying his baby clothes at 3am. In the spare room of our house, we had a walk in cupboard. It was filled with stuff. None of this may sound weird or strange yet. I made things and bought clothes and things for T but I packed them in the boxes and ticked off my list as the weeks went on. When I got to 2-3 year sized clothing (at 20wks) and had bought and stashed away an entire Winter and Summer wardrobe including shoes, I think people closest to me knew I had a problem. Well, I did.

The obsessively stashing baby things then moved on to cutlery that I bought from EBay but could only be from Hotels that were now not existing or to craft and wool supplies, much easier to hide away as I teach fashion and textiles.
I was induced at 38+1 weeks. T was fine, perfect, a good pair of lungs on him. All would be well. I dressed him in the babygros I had bought him and it was all wrong. I tried to shrug the sensation off. I sent bin bags off to charity shops, T grew and had reflux, oh and he didn’t sleep.

I walked with routine to try to get T to sleep. I was an army ant walking in a different direction every day. Miles and miles and miles. I found a retail park and in it was a Next, Waterstones and a Mothercare. I walked in and found a rack of the most beautiful kids clothing. It had rainbows, bright stripes and checks and checked all the cool 70s references I love. It was the Little bird range. I didn’t know then, that I was joining a league of devoted superfans who love the range and that a set of Facebook groups would spring up to swap, buy and sell preloved and bnwt garments. I Ebayed T’s wardrobe and bought more Little Bird. It felt right. He lived in rainbow pjs as I bought him 5 pairs. I still stashed away items but it was items I really wanted to dress him in and clothes that I would keep to pass on to a sibling. G’s coming home from hospital outfit had a gnome Little Bird vest and leggings. G’s first walk outside was in Little Bird. T’s first cuddle with his sister was in his favourite animal printed tee. G standing up, thinking about walking in a toadstool tee. My children’s childhood, illustrated by this wonderfully bright and beautiful clothing brand. It has became more apparent when shopping for a girl, that it is hard to find clothes I love.

These days I stash only a size up. I’ve talked through lots of baggage, I’m less anxious.

When Little bird announced that they were celebrating their 5 year faves with a reissue of fan faves. What would be top of my list?

Rainbow pjs,
farm tee,

the rabbit tee shirt.

I loved the fruit prints too. T says the animal printed tee is his super fave.

Well, 2 out of the possible line up is not bad. Happy and hello byebye are great tees and I think I appreciate them more now. I purchased my order on the Thursday and Mothercare delivered on the Saturday morning. Great stuff.

So what did we buy…

Not leggings as T thought. Halloween planning on the brain, funny boy. He is waiting for a green pair of leggings to tip up from Rugby.

Farm tee- could not pass up the opportunity to fill in the missing sizes. 2-3, 3-4 and 6-7 sizes. More orange than yellow this time but I still love it.

Hello bye bye tee- restyled into a long sleeved raglan tee. I think it’s even better in this remake. Sizes 2-3 and 6-7. No photo as yet T says he will not wear it till his birthday.

Happy tee- as a blue ringer tee. Love this print. It reminds me of a Boxfresh 90s print. Sizes 2-3 and 6-7.

Will I regret not buying more? No, I’m happy. T read the tee shirt when I pulled it out of the parcel. As long as they are happy, I am too. These days the anxious feeling has subsided away. I am happy to not stash away 1000 cupcake cases, to not horde away 30 flyaway football’s just in case. I’m enjoying right now.

link to Little Bird website

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