In-DIY Lego styled pots

When you have a brick addict in the house you:

1) buy lots of Lego 

2) consider how you will contain it all 

3) shriek like a banshee when you step on a brick. 

T’s birthday is soon and his annual cake eating involves a Minecraft cake (he has never played Minecraft; he just likes the look of the creepers) and Lego. Family are buying him Lego. We have bought him Lego as part of his gift and I made these. 

He needs some decoration in his room and for his birthday these will have sweets or treats in them. I made loads so my Lego obsessed Nephew can take some home too. 

Easy peasy. Once you have purchased Yellow gloss spray paint  (Wilkos is my personal choice) and collected glass jars in different shapes to decorate. Soak the jars in hot water with dish soap and white distilled  vinegar to remove odours. We eat loads of olives and sliced Gherkins in our house. 

Go outside 

Cover an area with paper to protect the lawn or driveway

Do not spray paint in Gale force winds, wait for a still day. Spray the jars. Top tip move the spray around the jar quickly. Don’t try to coat it fully. A couple of layers works best. Leave 30 mins to 1 hr between coats. 

Leave to fully dry for 2 hrs. Add faces with permanent markers or paint. Sharpie took 2 goes to fill in. Done. 

If you need inspiration with faces, Google is your friend here or the 10000s of minifigures taking over your home. 

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