Out- Discover your city series, #exploringwithtplusg prompt list 

The Plantation Gardens, Norwich our first local recommendation.
We moved from London to Norwich four years ago. I still feel like I’ve only discovered a tiny amount of our amazing, adopted city. I started by asking for recommendations of parks and outdoor spaces to visit; never underestimate local knowledge; people love to share their finds. To help me I’ve put together a list of prompts to help me explore a bit further and hopefully be a bit more creative with where we go. I’m a member of a Facebook mums group and use the hive mind for lots of recommendations. This prompt list can be extended to the region too as I’m not sure Norwich has a zoo or rockpools however being creative both could be interpreted in different ways. 
Watch this space, both here and in Instagram

 #exploringwithtplusg Use the hashtag to play along. Our aim is to cover each prompt at least once over the year

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  1. Gardens
  2. Parks
  3. Transport or vehicles 
  4. Zoo
  5. Farm
  6. Animals
  7. Food
  8. Books
  9. River locations or water
  10. Markets
  11. Creative spaces
  12. Strolling
  13. Rockpools 
  14. Science 
  15. Museums 
  16. Art galleries
  17. Education 
  18. New Ideas
  19. Indoor 
  20. Outdoors

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