Out- The time your son is basically cast as scenery in his Nativity play

T decorating his Christmas tree nightlight

I suppose much of my reaction to the news, that T has been given the role of Camel in his class Nativity play, is wrapped up with my own experiences of school. To me this perhaps shows what his teachers think of him; Naughty and can not be trusted with even a line. 

I know not everyone can be a King or Joseph but you could have a whole heap of Shepherds tending their sheep in the hills surrounding Bethlehem; with a large class I suppose you might end up with a gang of Shepherds; a bit like West Side Story. One or two main Shepherds do the talking and rest stroke toy sheep. The Maji having attendants is always a good one or have loads of angels with one main Gabriel. Job done. 

My son is a Camel. 

A slip of paper in his bookbag heralded the news. 

FaceBook did it quicker. My daughter is a Shepherd, where do I find an outfit….my son is Angel. So I knew what I was looking for on my return from work. 

I asked T about it. 

“I hear you have a part in the Nativity play. What are you going to be?” 

“…………mmmmmmmm……..” (He was watching PJ Masks) 

“Nativity play? T?” 

“Oh, Camel. I get to wear brown trousers and the mask that the teacher is giving me and I have to sit quietly” 

“Fantastic, I’ll find you a brown top and trousers” (upbeat and then out of sight walk to kitchen silently fuming) 

Scenery. T described himself as scenery. 

My husband confirmed what I was thinking. That, perhaps his teachers did not like him very much or thought he was a bit if a risk portraying a person. My husband was cast as a cat in his Nativity play by a teacher who hated him. I was away on the day the Nativity play parts were given out but was given the innkeeper’s wife by Mrs Wall, who hated me. Stole the show with my mime skills of giving hot chcolate to Shepherds and Kings. 

I ordered a brown top, checked he had brown trousers and will sit and wait for the fall out. No way he will wear a mask. T also thinks camels go Mooooooo. 

In the weeks that have followed, T has been singing us all the beautiful Christmas songs he has been learning for the play. We have had ” 3 kings, here to see the baby, uhummm urrrrr, following the star” uhummmm urrrr is traveling far; bless him. “Crackle, crackle, flicker, flicker” about a camp fire and sleeping. It has been adorable. He does not seem to mind being a Camel; Little E and B.E (his friends) are apparently Camels too, so it’s all good. I also have found out interesting things about the playground and other parents. Please note the below does not always reflect my son’s class but observations from other parents in other schools and different classes. 

1. some parents plan to do stuff with their children in school time. Three parents have told me their child will be out of school the days of their plays but will do all the rehearsals and then not be in school for the performance. 

2. Some parents are not able to go to the play. I know not everyone can go and get time off but one lady made me feel so sad as she told me her employer was so inflexible, she can not even ask to come in 1hr earlier so she can attend. She knows the answer will be no. 

3. Children are funny. One little boy went home and when asked what he was in the play, he said he was a chef; cooking. Sadly he is a shepherd. A professional chef in Bethlehem would have been great visiting baby Jesus. So inventive!

The class were asked if they would like to say a line. T, i think must have said yes. His line is adorable. “When Jesus grew up, he taught us to be kind and to care for one another.” 

He has been adding more lines to this thou. I did ask if they are said all at once or at different points in the play. He is not sure. It’s going to be interesting. Some one said that their son was an Ox so perhaps being scenery is alright. T seems to think so and that’s the main thing. School experiences are so tricky as most of us have been through it and had good times and tough times. I have to remember it is T’s time at school not mine. 

The day of the performance arrived and it was incredibly sweet. There are 3 classes in reception at Ts school. They have been supporting each acting class by being a choir thru the week. T appeared with his camel mask on his head. He stared into the audience to try to find us. He seemed overwhelmed by how many people were there, he lost his King for a bit and he speed read his line. It was perfect and  T was so happy afterwards and we are super proud of him. Love him so much. Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year. 

* we will be back after the holiday season. Jan 2018 with our unboxing of the New little bird Ss18 range, 1st drop. 

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