Out- exploring more. Thetford Warren Lodge, Norfolk. #explorewithtplusg series

I don’t really like New years resolutions. I prefer a bit of a plan and a goal to head towards. By the end of this year I aim for our family, to be more familiar with our region. We have lived here awhile. We moved from South London around 4 years ago when T was 1. We now have another child and time has passed by in a blur. As a family we have visited lots of obvious places but I’m looking for hidden  gems hence the #explorewithtplusg series. Last weekend we were travelling to Brandon in Suffolk and passed by an abandon building. T wanted to know what it was so we stopped. It was an old rabbit warrener lodge and apparently the area used to have lots of rabbit warrens for meat and fur. As a vegetarian and ardent supporter of the anti fur in fashion movement, it was a great opportunity to have a discussion with my son about these issues. T took an amazing picture and I wonder if you can guess which one. So this year we are taking more time to stop and have a good like around. 

 It’s the last one. Pretty good for a 5 yr old. 

Here is to a 2018 full of adventure. #explorewithtplusg 

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