Out- Lynford Arboretum, Suffolk/Norfolk borders #explorewithtplusg series

It was a misty, grey day but Lynford Water was beautiful anyway.

It even had its own beach

T took this one. Stood on the pushchair.
Some real concern over this mini Christmas tree and it’s well being
Sculpture in the arboretum

Snowdrops, could spring be along soon?
A massive Austrian Pine

We spent a grey Sunday at the Lynford Arboretum. A hidden gem. As part of the #explorewithtplusg series we are visiting places that we might never pass by and by recommendation. This place was recommended to me on the hospital bus number 9 from Attleborough to the NNUH in Norwich by a local lady we were chatting to. It was a great find. Lots of space, picnic patches, Water, wildlife plus so many birds. Not to mention a stunning collection of beautiful trees. My children love nature, the cold, mud and running so they were big fans. 

There are 3 different trails of varied length around the area. Lynford Water is next door and is beautiful. There is a bird hide there plus conservation lake and excavation sites with finds dating back 60,000 years. Lots of Mammoth skeletons and tusks have been found in this area. We walked the trail that lead around the arboretum. If you are a dog walker there is a trail including a dog agility trail that runs around the outside but dogs themselves are not allowed in the arboretum. 

We found sculptures, bird feeders with very happy birds. We listened for woodpecker and took pictures of trees. There are a couple of woodpiles, very small, that my son shimmied up too, looking for snakes. It was very cold so we would have spent more time there if it were the Spring or Summer or Autumn. 

Top tips, there is a car park to the left when you drive down Lynford Road. If you keep driving you would reach Stanta, the restricted military area. 

There is a toilet in the arboretum near the woodland walk for dogs. When we visited it was badly in need of tlc and absolutely stunk. My son would not use it. It was very smelly. 

The paths in the arboretum were buggy friendly and safe for our 20 mth old daughter to run along. 

There are lots of labels on the trees with lots of information. The friends of Lynford arboretum have a little but and they have some information laminated cards outside that explain how to read the signs.  

We shall return to see the seasonal changes through the year. 

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