Full service is resumed after our Winter break.

We are back. We have had a bit of a break for Winter. Still out and about exploring but enjoying some family time. The past week has been odd as we have only been at work 2 days and off work and school for the other 3 days. Down to snow! Yipppeee. Cue obligatory snow day pictures.

So it’s gone and melted now. We had laughs and fun in it and then by day 4 we were sick of it; imagine living in Snow covered Norway or Canada (I could imagine it and I think I would love it).

What does 2018 have in store for us?

G has turned 2 already In February. She wanted a bunny cake, she got one. Granted it was made by me. She wants to go to the seaside and swimming more and visit more farms. All of that will be arranged.

My dad has retired at 65 yrs old. He had a massive cake made by our local bakery in the shape of a tv with the test card on it. He has worked for years as a tv engineer. His plans are for playing more guitar and sorting out the garage. Go big or go home!

Mr Theoplusgrace and I both turn 38 this years and we are making plans on how to celebrate. Trip abroad?

T will turn 6 and wants to explore more so we are going to see where we can go locally and in the UK to encourage him. He also wants to join Beaver scouts so we are looking at that for the Summer. Anyone reading this with kids in Beavers please get in touch and tell me what I need to know and are your kids enjoying themselves. T also wants to improve his reading and writing so we are doing lots here.

Nana, my mum has gone part time and has helped us no end with taking T to school on the days we both work and she shares his need to explore more.

I will show my Mother’s day craft for this year on my next post. If you have a Hobby craft nearby, you can whip it up in minutes with kids.

Personally I want to make more things over the coming months. I am joining in with #marchmeetthemaker over on Instagram if you want to come over and have a look. @theoplusgrace I took a rare selfie on 1st March 2018, I do hope it’s not a new trend!

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