In- Crafting with kids for Mother’s day

Mother’s day is almost upon us in the UK. It has snuck up on me this year. My mum has said “Oh, I don’t care about cards or gifts or anything! Don’t get me anything” she said the same in 2005 so I took her at her word and did not buy a card or a gift but still came to see her. She was furious; so after that I decided to ignore her. My Mum doesn’t remember this, so she says. My Husband, Dad and Sisters do.

This year, G is a bit older and really likes the idea of trying to help make something. She likes to hold a pencil or pen and to try to cut with craft kids scissors with lots of supervision.

I like crafts and quite liked the chalk board writing and heart cut outs in Hobby craft this year. We went to a wedding where every thing was chalkboard decor. It was sweet. Hobby craft had everything I needed even the inspiration photo to use. I did not come up with the cheesy slogan, they did. I’ve included the method from their website.

It is very straight forward. Draw in pencil your writing and details.

Fill in with chalk marker.

Tie up heart with jute twine.

Done. See super simple.

As you can see from the photos above it worked out pretty well. It cost me £5 in materials and I know my Mum will love it and that’s the main thing.

I showed this to my younger sister and asked if she thought our Mum would like it. “Yes,…” was her reply “but you should have put the ‘don’t buy me anything…’ on it” instead. I guess that one can wait for her birthday. Since I have bought my chalk marker I am now going to use it till it runs out. That means birthdays, anniversaries and christenings are all going to be commemorated in chalk.


Not an ad. I just love to craft. Try and EBay for all the necessary items.

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