Out- Damien Hurst’s Hymn in Norwich

On Monday, a magical piece of art was delivered on the back of a trunk and installed in Norwich. Norwich, a fine city and deserving of this new sculpture from Damien Hurst. Hymn, is an large scale, 20ft bronze, coated to look like plastic, anatomically correct model of the male human torso. He stands outside the St George’s building of the Norwich University of the Arts. He apparently was created and develop in response to a toy that Hurst bought for his son. Entitled Hymn, the piece presents an interesting narrative of what makes us, the notion of science vs. religion and even what makes a man.

I have publicly thanked the parties who have been involved with the installation. I think the sharing of culture and art should not be only in London or our larger cities. The commitment to sharing public art should continue. This unveiling heralds the beginning of Damien Hurst’s exhibition at Houghton Hall, Norfolk and I can not wait to visit and take the children. My daughter, G is pictured below. She is an art lover and woke up soon after I snapped this. She was mesmerized, as she had never seen anything like it. T was at school, so sadly missed out however I’ve promised to take him on Good Friday. He loves large scale sculpture, Scholar’s rock at Houghton Hall being one of his favourites. Little people love big things. On the list are cathedrals, Uncle Anthony and now 20ft anatomically correct bronzes.

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