Out- Swallow Aquatics, East Harling, Norfolk

You know when you discover a gem of a place. It’s almost made worst when you consider how long it has taken for you to stop and visit.

After asking for recommendations of local places to visit, a lovely mum on the school run mentioned Swallows Aquatics. I said yes we had passed by there on the way to Kenntishall Heath; the fish place. Oh no it turns out, not just the fish place.

Swallow Aquatics has around 4 different branches in the Eastern Region and on the road out to East Harling, is one of them.

It’s roughly less then 10 minutes from our house. It’s next door to the St George’s distillery, which is a whole other blog post. Free car park to the front. You walk in to fish tank supplies and walking around to the left, you will find yourself in the small mammal section, hairless Rats, Degus, Chinchillas, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. Big hit with my two kids and my nephew, who was visiting for Easter. Then there is more, Hamsters and Mice. I could never own a hamster after a girl at university told me her pet hamster basically blew up the ground floor of her families house. Hamsters can get out of cages pretty easily and her one did just that. It then nibbled on their gas pipe and created a slow gas leak. The hamster then got back in it’s own cage and ran and ran on its wheel. This then sparked and ignited the gas….BOOOMMMMMM. Everyone was fine, thank goodness. The hamster was rehomed after thay day.

Anyway I digress.

We discovered Horned Chameleons and Tarantulas. We wanted to desperately see the Blue Tarantula but it did not appear. Hiding! The Tarantula section is very discreet in a side section where you do not need to pass by. My Mum hates spiders so we were thankful for the considered positioning. We carried on and saw different Turtles, Tortoises, Lizards. Huge land Tortoises that were basking under a heat lamp. The kids marvelled at all the animals and then there were the fish.

So many different kinds.

There were sets of different tanks with non-tropical fish. If T had his way we would have left with loads of Orange Fantails and Black Moor fish in different sizes.

Then there were the outdoor fish that were lining the bottom their ranks as it was still very chilly. G loved the huge Koi.

We saved the best till last. The tropical fish. Corals, sea cucmbers , Shrimps. So many different and beautifully coloured, vivid fish. So much to see. My 5 year old turned to me and said that he preferred it to the Sea Life Centre! High praise indeed.

There is also a bird room back towards the café area; yes there is a café too which sales Hot and Cold drinks plus an array of hot and cold snacky food.

We all gave Swallow Aquatics 9/10. If you are local, stop by. It is a great morning or afternoon. Enjoy enjoy.

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