Out – Roger Law exhibition at the Sainsbury centre for visual arts, Norwich

It’s the first proper day of the Easter Holidays. We have stuffed ourselves with chocolate and now it’s time to get out and explore. The Roger Law exhibit at the Sainsbury centre closes today (3rd April 2018) and I have been meaning to take T and G since it opened, so that’s where we headed. The Sainsbury centre for visual arts is located on the Universiy of East Anglia campus in Norwich. Easy drive and you do not even have to drive into the City. Not that the City is even that busy. I personally love the campus and enjoy talking to my two kids about uni life and where there are other unis and what I did at uni.

They have a permanent collection and exhibitions of varying lengths on at anyone time. We were able to see the Tatlin tower that has been erected outside in the sculpture Park, whilst outside we hunted the Gormley figures on top of the buildings. The broad is worth a wander any time of the year, spotting geese, ducks and swans today. Take wellies as it can be super molehilly and quagmirey. Lots of mud. Little people love it. Big people perhaps not so much. The Bugaboo did fantastically well on the terrain.

Then we explored inside. The staff on the desk today were so helpful and welcoming. T loves the realistic Davies sculptures so raced to see if they were still there. They are. Crisis averted. Bucket man not being there could have lead to a massive meltdown. We viewed lots ceramics and different sculptures like Degas’ “little dancer” and John Davies “little prince”. G likes ceramics. Always has, even when we took her as a baby. Today she looked at the American carved figures. T told her they were the Maji visiting Jesus; very Jesus orientated at the moment. T was interested the Francis Bacon paintings especially the portrait of Van Gogh. He found a book with the portrait on the cover. We looked at the book and talked about the portrait together. I love moments like that. Makes all the other behaviours worth tackling.

We paid to gain entry to the Roger Law exhibit. There were a set of Spitting Image puppets that hold so many childhood memories for my husband and I, both being 80s babies. The projection of the television series is what captured the children’s attention. T thought it was amazing, a whole programme of puppets. Political satire aside they both were not sure about the Thatcher puppet and we had to explain who she was and her place in history. T being 5 and G 2 years old they had not encountered her before. The President Trump puppet was showcased in glass on its own. Perhaps through vandalism concerns? The puppet provoked conversation about who he is and what his job is? T said he would like to watch more news, so that’s a good thing. I found the exhibit so interesting. Law’s ceramic work was beautiful and delicately coloured; I had no idea what he had been doing after Spitting Image had ended. His sketches of celebrities stood out for me. Especially of Bjork so delicate and elfish. I’ve included a snap here. We are going to see what the next exhibition is as the children really enjoyed themselves. The next sculptural unveiling is below if you scroll to the bottom.

Top tips.

Follow your Sat Nav to the end of Chancellor Drive and then turn to the left on to Norfolk Drive, drive passed the main entrance to the Gallery and there is a small car park to the left. Park up and go to reception to get a ticket to put in your car.

Toilets are by the far entrance to the Gallery, in between the Modern life cafè and the main section of the permanent collection.

The café is very good but not open when we went today. There is a coffee and cake bar in the permanent collection area which serves the best and strongest coffee I have had in a while plus gooey chocolate brownies! T’s favourite part!

If you want to go into an exhibition that is on the mezzanine floor, you can buy tickets at main reception. There is a lift that goes up so buggy and wheelchair accessible.

Enjoy your visit and try a brownie. You will not regret it! The coffee is super strong and if you are a sleep deprived parent then it will perk you up no end.

The new additions to the sculpture garden are unveiled on 12th May 2018. 3 Beasts by Lynn Chadwick. One for the calender. Bet T and G try to ride them. Below photo credit to the Scva.ac.uk website. Part of the Norwich Festival.

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