Out- Sainsbury’s visual art centre. Lynn Chadwick, Beasts. May & part of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival.

The Beasts have arrived at the Sainsbury’s visual art centre. 3 metal origami-esque ‘wild beasts’ have been installed at the back of the gallery, next to the Tatlin Tower that is part of the ‘Superstructures‘ exhibit.

If you have not read or met us before we are a family who love going out and exploring. Both children love outdoor art especially sculpture and have been looking forward to these Lynn Chadwick pieces arriving. They are part of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival that kicked off last week. T thought they were waiting to chase and pounce on intruders until he saw that they were sitting and waiting. He thought one was a bear, and the other two were wolves. He told us that He thought they were made from metal to replace animals that were dying out from our world. Interesting discussion on our walk around the UEA broad. G thought they were going to eat her and that they were howling at the Moon. The Sainsbury centre for visual arts also has a weekly children’s session on a Saturday, where a man with a guitar walks around the gallery and encourages children to make up stories that link and are inspired by the exhibits they see. I love this idea as children can experience art on their terms. Next stop: Houghton Hall and their Hurst exhibition.

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