Little Bird by Jools Oliver clothing brand: End of an era for T and a plea.

So if you love the clothing brand Little Bird you must have heard the news by now. If you haven’t, sit down, draw closer, I’ve got something to tell you.

The sizing of Little Bird from Autumn Winter 2018 will stop at 4 to 5yrs. That’s right, 5 to 6, 6 to 7 and 7 to 8 yrs will be discontinued.

You may roll your eyes at me and scoff “They are just clothes” and they are just that, clothes. In 2011 when I found out I was pregnant with Theo, I started looking around at clothing ranges. I had been a buyer for womenswear and then made my way into teen and kidswear. I specialised in non-core, that’s all the accessories, footwear, nightwear and underwear. I could be booking wedding shoes from Cambodia one day and socks from Leicester the next. I loved my job but the pull back into giving something back to education and teaching was so strong, I became a textile and fashion tutor and now teach Post 16s about the fashion industry. Well, I looked long and hard for children’s clothing that actually made children look like children; not mini adults. I despaired at the amount of pastel blue,pink and sequins. It wasn’t how I wanted to dress my children. I was cross at myself for also being part of the very gendered approach to kids clothing. I have written about feeling low, restless and isolated when I first had Theo. He had reflux, everything was covered in sick for most of his new born life and he cried all the time and never slept; ever. I walked and walked him to sleep for hours and hours at a time. It was on one of these walks that I walked into Mothercare at the retail park in St Mary’s Cray near Orpington in Kent. I found a rainbow pair of Pjs and bought them. Like many devoted fans of the brand, Theo and Grace are both rainbow babies, conceived after miscarriages and loss. I did not realise that up and down the country and indeed, over the world, love for this brand would grow and grow. I have made friends through this clothing brand. I’ve sparked up conversations with other parents whose children happen to be wearing Little Bird.

Little bird is more than just clothing. It’s a Beautiful, quirky, beloved brand that sets aside the foolish notions that you can only dress your children a certain way, that boys don’t like bright colours, that characters and brands are the only option once you hit 6yrs old. I don’t want to dress my son as a football hooligan from the 1990s or my daughter as a pop star or a princess. I don’t want to limit them in any way. You should be able to dress your children how you wish and this is it for us.

Little Bird comes through the same logistic and buying routes as Mothercare clothing so to me it assures quality. It’s more expensive then the in-house range or the supermarkets but it’s affordable and to be blunt I will pay for my children to dress in the colours and styles they want to.

My son is now almost 6 years old. He chooses from the range himself. He picked the tennis T shirt and the rainbow appliqued striped shorts as his last 6 to 7 years outfit. He had flicked through the AW18 press preview (wish we got invited to that, just for the donut wall) and chosen what items he would like for Autumn. I take him to HM, Next, Tu clothing and F&F to see if he would chose items from their ranges and with the exception of Ninjago Lego Pjs from HM, he stays true to the Little Bird brand. In fact 90% of his wardrobe is Little Bird. I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of pounds on the range.

Now Grace is verbal and has the choice of her clothing, she plums for Little Bird dresses and T shirts plus shorts every time. Her wardrobe is Little Bird. Again the money I have spent is huge but I buy pretty much one of each piece, each season as my children will wear it and love it. The compliments we/they get are always so lovely.

Theo doesn’t like change and transition, this is the child who accused me of kidnapping his clothing when I wrestled him into his school uniform last year, so I have had to gentle break it to him that Little Bird will now be too small for him and we will search out some new brands together. Any suggestions, greatly received.

I only wish I had stashed more of his favourites away, like the Happy tee, the crayon tee, the dark denim wash jeans and the rainbow pjs. I wish I had stashed away the purple/blue floral canvas dress from this Spring, the denim zip up dress plus all the needlecord printed dresses in mustard and blue. Grace is 2 so we have 3 more years of a brand we love. The fact I can easily hand me down from Theo is a big plus factor.

I wish the directors and planners would reconsider. Clothing is a way of expressing who we are to the world. It’s simply so sad that a fantastic brand is chopping off sales. Perhaps only offering the larger sizes online would be an option or a very tight buy quantity.

We love you Little Bird. We are not ready to say Goodbye yet.

Below are some of our favourite memories and outfits!

Unboxing AW18 Little Bird

Unboxing SS18 Little Bird

Planning T’s wardrobe AW18

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