Unboxing- A/W 2018 Little Bird

Little Bird unboxing spring summer season 2018Autumn Winter Little Bird has launched in the middle of a heatwave in the UK. I took the opportunity to purchase G some pieces that we have coverted since Press Day.

Someone asked me last week if I had thought about making a vlog post about what we thought. I hadn’t as I am not particularly as photogenic as my children. G decided to sleep thru the whole thing so we don’t have her input.

Here are some snaps and here is my first video clip. I sound like I am whispering in hushed tones because I am whispering in hushed tones. G definitely needed that nap! This season comes tinged with sadness. T was so blue that he could not match his sister any more and that he could no longer fit into the joggers that he set his heart on earlier in the year. No way is T going to squeeze into a 4 to 5. He is currently in 6 to 7. I’ve a lovely local friend, who today said she may well be clearing out her daughter’s 5 to 6 year sizes of Little Bird……I feel a stash coming on for G.

Highlights are, The Super Pumpkin tee is gorgeous. The double mock layer makes a point of difference however I am not sure T would have been as happy with this option; he would have asked me to cut the sleeves off. The print is simple however I loved the coloration of the original. Delicious shade of brown on orange.

The cable knit cardigan is gorgeous; G loves yellow and loved an own brand Mothercare cable knit cardigan so this one came high on the list. It’s got great details and cream tipping on the sleeves.

The badge printed sweater is a great loop back sweat with brilliant badge details. I love the Little Bird badge print. A perfect French navy base colour. T has just been invested into Beavers and G loves his uniform. The badges on the new long sleeved rainbow tee is a winner for us as G is desperate for a camping badge. The denim shirt dress is a lovely weight of chambary fabric that can easily be layered for Autumn and Spring however I wish the yellow cotton patch was clean; its quite a dirty yellow from the indigo dye of the dress.

Little Bird unboxing Spring Summer 2018

Planning T’s wardrobe AW18

A plea to Little Bird

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