#Daddyfridays and why they mean so much to us as a family.

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If you follow our Instagram feed you may have seen the hashtag, #Daddyfriday. It is usually accompanied by a big smiley picture of T enjoying himself somewhere with his Dad, my husband, Mr TheoplusGrace. He works full time as a teacher and we are very lucky in the summer to have 6 whole weeks off together. #Daddyfridays came about, as G is at nursery one day a week, on a Friday. She is not a term time placement, so if I did take her out for the summer, she would not have her her nursery place held open and as I need to keep her nursery place as I work that day usually, I would still be paying for it for 6 wks at £50 a day. So as I would prefer the £300 to not be wasted, G still goes. She really enjoys herself and has started making her own friends. We have bumped into them in Norwich and G has taken herself off to be sociable; She comes home happy with a stack of paintings. This means T has free reign to capitalise on Mr TheoplusGrace being off work. T loves his Daddy and regularly in the school year asks where he is, “Parents evening, options evening, open evening, another parents evening, marking GCSE coursework, moderating GCSE coursework, marking A-level exam papers, another parents evening, awards evening, meet the tutor evening.” Even when it is not a special evening at school Mr TheoplusGrace does say just having an hour and a half with the kids before the bedtime routine starts is hard. I find it hard, the kids find it hard but it could be worst, We could be working and living in different places and other families have it worst then us, I’m thinking of military families. Still it is hard. They christened Fridays as the day that they would spend together, mucking around on their bikes, going off to the cinema with sweets, playing, I mean building with LEGO and generally being with each other. One week of this summer holidays they cycled into town and ate sausage and chips in the town square while enjoying the sunshine. #Daddyfriday is a special time for them to just be with one another. It is also a win-win over here where I’m standing. it gives me a morning or an afternoon to do what I please. “Me-time” I know some people might say “Well, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself”. I do. I do things I really enjoy. I love watching Murder Mystery films and police programs like CSI or Criminal minds, I watch them with a big mug of tea and a biscuit. I bake cake, I love baking and I find it relaxing; I practised T’s chocolate birthday cake last week and everyone benefited by all having a big slice. I make clothes, I take the opportunity to make something for me, not for the kids or a client, a new top or a pair of PJ bottoms; Something quick and easy. Tilly and the buttons slipper boots are next on my hit list. I don’t do school work, I try not to do housework, I enjoy that hour or 3, as my time to be present in my own life. I think it is so important to remember what came before the kids, the house, the mess, the family and be kind to ourselves. I know not everyone can do this and can not always dedicate the time that we do but currently it is what works for us. Next year #daddyfriday will have to adapt and change, as G will be term time only at nursery from Easter so she too will get 6 wks off in the summer. I think we might each take a child off to an activity of their choice, then take a morning or afternoon off during the week. We will adapt and make it work. We have to. Everyone needs time and a moment to breathe and enjoy the moment. Next week, the last Friday of the holidays will see a special #daddyfriday taking place in Norwich. I don’t know if you agree with me or if anyone has their own routine or ways of making time during the holidays. I would love to hear about how other families make holidays work for them.

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3 thoughts on “#Daddyfridays and why they mean so much to us as a family.

  1. Love this. I have 3 and call it divide and conquer! One of us takes one of them out at some point each holiday- works for every one. Every now and then I also divide myself from the group… which definitely works best for everyone too!! Gotta do what you gotta do 😉

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