Out- Special #Daddyfriday review of The Bowling House, Norwich.


It’s the last #Daddyfriday of the summer holidays and possibly the most exciting.
We love going out and about, to try new places and support local businesses. So Mr TheoplusGrace and T were delighted to be invited to The Bowling House in Norwich to bowl a couple of games and have a round of drinks on them, to see what they thought. If you have followed the #Daddyfriday series so far on Instagram then you will be aware that bowling is a favourite. They have bowled in Dereham, Riverside and Centre Parcs to just name the local ones. T has his bowling shirt that he picked out for himself and Mr TheoplusGrace loves to the bowl.

The Bowling House is relatively new, opening its doors in March of this year. We booked in early, as soon as the doors opened at 12noon. Kids are welcome all day up to 7pm. The building used to be a cinema, bingo hall and pub before under going a refit to become its current incarnation as a bar/eatery space with 5 bowling lanes. The interior is contemporary however has an almost Festival of Britain feel with chrome curved lamp and colour palette. The menu, which I have included an image of, really did appeal to Mr TheoplusGrace. T is a picky eater, so he had eaten before we arrived so they did not eat today but I think the return trip will include some burgers. They bowled, they laughed and I took photos and got to bowl too but I am not part of the #Daddyfriday core gang so I was there only as an observer. I won with 191 points but I am not allowed to enjoy my win at all.

What did T think of the Bowling House?
It got the thumbs up and a “Can we come back to this bowling place?” so it’s a hit.

What did Mr TheoplusGrace think of the Bowling house?
“It has a really nice feel to it; great during the day for kids and I think the unlimited pass for kids over the summer holidays looked like great value”
We understand there will be a new offer for the October half term so watch their social media feeds for details. @thebowlinghouse.

What I liked about the Bowling House was that it sums up Norwich and reflects the city that it’s located in. It’s an independent business with a quirky, comfortable feeling; we got a warm welcome and so did other customers arriving to enjoy a game or two. I would definitely recommend taking the kids. It’s fun; simple as. It is something different to do. You get to wear bowling shoes with Velcro, you can wear a bowling shirt if you wish, you could all get matching bowling shirts and become a bowling team, you equally don’t have to bowl, the menu and the bar cocktails mean that at night, I think the restaurant area stands alone quite happily as somewhere to go on a date night. I think that may well be the first return visit.

Things you might like to know before going:

Parking- the venue does not have its own car park. It is located on the Dereham Road at the bottom of Grapes Hill next door to the curved furniture shop. We walked from the city centre rather then parking nearby. The venue suggests a car park next door that has a flat rate of £2.20 for the evening.

Baby changing- there is a baby change and disabled toilet near the front desk and if you are bringing a buggy, big wide doors.

Bowling shoes- they come up big, so when you swap your outdoor shoes for your bowling shoes, don’t be surprised if they give you a size smaller.

Bumpers- the lane bumpers can be either up or down for the whole length of you game so for kids I would definitely suggest setting them to up. I’m being honest I needed them a couple of times during the game.

Offers – The Bowling House has lots of different offers, for us the unlimited bowling for kids offer for £19.99 for the whole of the summer holidays looked like amazing value. The eat, bowl, drink offer caught my eye, for a potential date night, £18 on a Tuesday through to Thursday night.

Our bowling session was c/o The Bowling House however our opinions are our own. Please get in contact us with any queries you may have.

If you want to book and bowl see http://www.thebowlinghouse.co.uk
Email bookings@bowlinghouse.co.uk or call 01603 397 412

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A link to The Bowling House, Norwich

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