Out- Meeting Father Christmas at Elveden Estate, Norfolk/Suffolk boarder.

So 2018 marks a big occasion for the Theoplusgrace family. We are going to meet Father Christmas. We have met him twice before when T was small however the visit was a scream fest and Poor Father Christmas was left with a ringing sound in his ears. After that we asked T if he would like to visit again and it’s always been a firm Nooooo or NOOOOOOOOO. This year is the first Yes, please.

The Elveden Estate is located off the A11, on the Norfolk/Suffolk boarder. The Estate is very Christmassy and is perfect for selecting your Christmas tree and for a donation to charity, Newfoundland dogs will take it to you car. They are massive and beautiful hounds. G wanted to desperately take one home.

We booked a timed slot online. This was another positive for Elvedon. I can’t queue with a 2 year old flight risk, buggy refuser or with a 6 year old who believes queues should last 3 milliseconds. There are two grottos this year and they were cleverly hidden behind fir trees to make it more magical. We were greeted by Father Christmas’ helper and escorted to meet him. He didn’t disappoint. A real beard and a lovely way with him. Father Christmas took T by the hands and said how lovely it was to see him after all these years and that he was so much bigger. He joked with T about lego and was just lovely. Father Christmas was delightful with both Children and was so lovely giving them both a fir tree spaling to plant at home. Simply a great touch. The presents were ok but the best part was how glorious Father Christmas was.

Out- The Christmas Spectacular show at Stonham Barns

In- messy me Christmas baking

Out- when your son is cast as a camel in the nativity.

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