Out- The Christmas Spectacular show at Stonham Barns, Suffolk By Alex Morley Productions


We were invited by Stonham Barns and Alex Morley Productions to take in their Christmas Spectacular Show. I said “Yes, please” as both children love dancing, singing and Christmas.

After a wet drive through Norfolk into Suffolk we found Stonham. When we arrived and took our seats, we saw that there was a popcorn machine popping fresh popcorn and huge bags of candy floss. The stage was lit with Christmas lights and there were ushers with uniforms and baskets selling refreshments. The build up was lovely and festive. The other audience goers were very friendly, some had seen other productions before at different venues so we were eager to see what the show was like.

The show had a mixture of dancing, singing, magic and acrobatics. It was a real traditional variety show; there was something for everyone. Both children loved the magic segments. “Where has he gone?” Marvelled G and she was a bit worried that the assistant would not reappear, spoiler alert, he did. T thought the best part of the show involved a toilet roll and a leaf blower. I will not ruin it but it was definitely T’s high point. Mine and Mr TheoplusGrace’s highlight was the alternative 12 days of Christmas song. G loved the dancing and at one point I think was trying to get up on stage; the dancers had great costume changes for each number and lots of sequins. There were funny moments and Pantomime elements; complete with man dressed as a woman or elf.

The show is hosted by Alex Morley himself. Very funny and a natural personable person. It was a very well put together show, both of my children complimented the music. If you have ever seen our car stories on Instagram, you will know T loves hip-hop and disco and G loves the Greatest Showman and indie rock.

The cost for a family of four ticket was £40 and Mr TheoplusGrace and I discussed the value for money; we thought it was really good value. Parking was free, the venue is a quick walk through some great facilities like the Tumbledown soft play and many quirky retail units. It’s all flat so great for buggies and wheelchairs. The show was 90 minutes long with a 15 minute interval so you get a lot of performance and I now know my children love magic as those were the sections they were mesmerised by. There was also a fantastic bistro/café where we got some reasonable priced food afterwards; really friendly people. There was a lovely part at the very end of the show where the all the children were invited up on stage to have a photo with the very talented women of the show and received a gift, that was a really thoughtful touch especially at Christmas time.

This was the first show in the new theatre space at Stonham Barns so we wish them luck for the future and I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for the next show. The Christmas Spectacular show is on daily till 31st December.

We will return to Stonham Barns, as I spotted an American Car show and Potato day on the events list! There is also a crazy golf course and an owl sanctuary so they definitely have lots to do there. You know me I love crazy golf!

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