Out- Beavers and volunteering

I tell you what. Since T has joined Beavers he has decided he wants to try things. This may sound so silly but for us and T, it’s a massive step.

T sometimes struggles with confidence, he is reluctant to try new foods, go to new places and try new activities. When he started school he had a really long period of anxiousness and this manifested itself as clothes being chewed, wet beds and real, separation anxiety. We tried to cope by ignoring some things, buying Chewigum bracelets to chew and talking to his teachers but at one point after Christmas I did consider jacking school in and adopting home ed as an option. I was walking around our town’s summer carnival before T started school and I was dragged into the tea tent by my good friend and her daughter to have cake. It was being run by the Beavers and Cubs and they were really lovely kids and I had a chat to the Beavers leader about T and lots of my own worries. He said “pop him on the waiting list and come along. I bet he will like it.” I did. I thought he will go once and then he will never want to go again, it will be like football club or swimming or any of the other clubs and activities that we have tried to take T to. I admit I got sucked up into a negative cycle, thinking it will be terrible, why try? I had to shake this. The Beaver leader moved on and a new leader came in and took over. Fantastically organised and very keen for the Beavers to all try new and exciting stuff. T was welcomed by the colony and after 4 weeks was adamant that he wanted to join properly, which he did and I’ve never been so proud.

Since joining T has achieved loads of badges and had so much fun. He has taken part in a ski taster session, T has been on an adventure activity day where he went Grass sledging, traverse climbing, catapulting and Go karting, T has taken part in a remberance service and has loved his digital citizen and maker badges. T worked super hard to challenge himself to achieve his personal challenge badge by learning how to tie his shoelaces. I’m so proud of everything T has achieved that I’ve made the big decision to volunteer and become a Beaver assistant leader. I’ve decided this is the right thing to do, so that more children can enjoy great new experiences and I will gladly give up my time to learn new things and I get to see T try new exciting things, like sleeping in a tent and eating campfire food. T has been a bit silly with his behaviour since I’ve become involved so that does worry me. As does forgetting the words of my promise when I am invested this week. I was reading in the paper this week, that 40% of residents of the UK are now volunteering and this could be a product of David Cameron’s Big Society aim. I’m volunteering my time so young people can enjoy doing fun, crazy activities and I am going to try sleeping in a tent. Wish me luck.

The Scout Association

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