Oi! Frog and Friends live, The Norwich Playhouse.

Oi! Frog and Friends Live at The Norwich Playhouse 16th October 2019

We were kindly invited to review this new theatre production of Oi! Frog, at The Norwich Playhouse. We are big fans of the books and if you have not met the cat, frog and dog who have the most hilarious rhyming antics then you need to. The stage show promised to deliver so much. I don’t know who was more excited me or the kids. So we went in with high expectations. If the Cat was not so strict on the Rules of where to sit, I think I would have been upset! The show did not disappoint. I do not want to ruin the show for you so I am warning you, there might be slight spoilers in this review.

The play opens with the premise that Frog is the new kid at school and he needs to know where to sit. Cat is the strict teacher’s prefect who does not make the rules, she follows them to the letter.
Dog is a kindly, helpful soul who befriends Frog before sitting on him and that is when the fun really begins. All the rhymes from the books are there, Alpacas sit on cream crackers, voles sit on bowls and ducks sit on trucks but there is so much to enjoy. The Star of the show in my eyes was the Cheetah, When I say his section included a be-sequinned man cheetah, maracas, giant beach balls and lots of shrieking and dancing children you might think I sound mad, it was so funny. We sat at the end of a row that had a school group in and one of their teachers was roped into getting on stage and joining in as Dolly the duckbilled platypus, she sits on brollies. I was so jealous. Cat’s backstory is revealed and has a theme tune that I am still singing now, Frog’s rhyming power goes to his head and it all gets a bit dramatic. It was a brilliant mix of puppetry, dressed up actors, sound effects, song and dance.

The perfect age group for this, in my humble opinion would be, 3 to 5 yrs old. G was dancing like crazy and clapping. T came and loved it, at 7 yrs old and I found it hilarious at 39 yrs old.
There are limited tickets available for the Norwich shows but this is only the start of the tour.
Oi Frog! Heads to the West End for the end of this year and into January 2020. I’ve popped the dates at the bottom. Trust me, it is well worth watching/dancing/being involved. If you have the chance to see this, do. You would not be sorry. A perfect theatre treat.

Norwich Playhouse 15-20 October

Forum theatre, Billingham 22-23 October

Ipswich, New Wolsey 24-25 October

Hertford theatre 26-27 October

Kingston, Rose Theatre 29 October-3 November

Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue 29th November until 5th January 2020.

Dog and Cat, Oi Frog, Kenny Wax Productions