About us

We are a family of four in Norfolk, UK. Mr TheoplusGrace often gets mentioned but doesn’t like to feature. He has started to appear more often due to #DaddyFridays.

We love bright colours in our house and we all love Little Bird, Converse and Vans. We are often out and about visiting places or in and doing things.

Cat – Wife, Mama to two littles, Fashion Tutor, textile crafter and Diet Coke drinker.

“I used to be a fashion buyer for teen wear and young fashion. This is where my obsession with kidswear comes from. I’m a confirmed stashaholic, T was born in 2012 and I had already collected interesting babygros for him in 2008. I’m a type 1 diabetic, who had poor glucose control so it was a real struggle to have my 2 children but I had lots of help from King’s college hospital, London and NNUH, Norfolk; worth it though. I am now, a fashion tutor at a sixth form college. I like to archive clothing to use with my students and am a big fan of pompoms, Excel spreadsheets and going out but not out out.”

T- Son, Big Brother, Cousin, Grandson. A live wire and ball of energy. Love science, roundabouts and books.

“I like going out and about. We have fun and I like my lovely books. I like visiting different places and taking pictures; I think I like the beach the most and the city. I love my book bag and my bikes. I love experiments and learning about science, especially bugs, the periodic table and volcanoes.” T, aged 6.

G- Daughter, Little Sister, Cousin, Granddaughter. Pandemonium is how T describes her; Grumpy when waking up from a nap just like her Mama.

“Mum, Dad, I don’t quite know why anyone would do that, it looks like a bird but I think it should be a shrimp” She shouts out “hit it” when we play clean radio edits of Hip Hop in the car. G was 2 in February 2018. Walked at 9 months. There is no stopping her. Literally. G is a law unto herself. Her speech has come on leaps and bounds and she told me today a story about what she did at nursery and went into detail about who everyone was and what they were doing. Surprises me everyday. She likes looking at my teeth and telling me to brush them more.

Contact us as, we love fun and a collaboration, or a place to visit or a product to give our honest opinions on Catherinadaniels@yahoo.com

She was biting him at the time; I thought they were hugging.

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